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About PinoySportz

About PinoySportz:

Pinoy Sportz aims to provide the latest news and information regarding the sports most Filipinos loved, be it basketball, boxing, football or any other sports. Some of the country's most memorable moments and interesting trivia will be added here also.

Aside from the daily news coverage of various Filipino sports, this site, Pinoy Sports will also provide our dear readers with some of the most amazing viral videos in various sports that are closer to the Filipino people.

This website, Pinoy Sportz will also provide some of the most interesting statistics, profiles of sports personalities and other information that are useful among Filipino sports lover.

We also scourge the internet for some of the news and other interesting facts about sports. With the advent of various social media sites, we will try to provide a timely reviews of sports events as well provide our dear readers with news that are often neglected by some respected news media organization.

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