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List of Father and Son Tandem in the PBA Playing Under One Team

The Philippine Basketball Association produces some of the country's most notable names in the sports most Filipinos loved but aside from the fact that Filipinos as basketball-crazy country in the world, the PBA also produces some families of basketball players. There are father and son who played with the same team while honing their skills in Asia's First Pay-for-Play basketball league.

Some of the most notable names in the PBA who played with their respective father are the tandem of Dodot and Sonny Jaworski with Gordons Gin, Marc and Ato Agustin for Petron, Chris Tan and Norman Black in Sta. Lucia.

Although the list of PBA players playing alongside their father happened only when their father became coach of their teams, there are instances that a son of a PBA Player played with the same team where his father previously played.

In the more popular National Basketball Association, the first father-and-son tandem happened when Austin Rivers joined the Los Angeles Clippers with his dad Doc Rivers. Back to the PBA, the list of father and son also includes some professional basketball stars who played not with the same team but with the same franchises in the PBA.  

Here's the List of Popular Father-and-Son Tandem in the PBA:

 1. Robert "Dodot" Jaworski Jr. (1995-1999 Gordon Gins)-Robert Jaworski (1984–1998 Ginebra San Miguel)
The son of legendary Filipino basketball star Robert "Sonny" Jaworski, Dodot Jaworski was drafed by Ginebra San Miguel during the year 1995, despite the fact that there were so many big amateur stars joining the PBA Draft.

Ginebra is the team where Robert Jaworski Jr. made a name for himself and earned his monicker as "The Legend," and the "Big J." Fans of the country's most popular sports team, Ginebra San Miguel were excited on the possibility that the two Jaworski would work together on court, because the older Jaworski worked as a playing coach for Ginebra.

 Before entering the PBA as a member of Ginebra, Dodot Jaworski had a good career in Ateneo before he won his championships with Gordons. Dodot and Sonny Jaworski had their first championship together during the year 1997, when the older Jaworski played as a playing-coach while his son Dodot made an impact with his team as a role player.

2. Mark Agustin (2011 Petron)-Ato Agustin (1989–1996 San Miguel Beermen)
Ato Agustin is considered as one of the greatest shooting guard in the PBA, he was also one of the favorite offensive guy for the San Miguel Beer franchise while his son played for the same franchise, Petron Blaze during the year 2011 when Ato Agustin served as the head coach of Petron.

 Mark Agustin played well during his college days but during the time when he was drafted by Petron, the team was already loaded with superstars in the PBA. The Agustins working for Petron is also another moment in the PBA seeing a Father and Son tandem, but unlike the Jaworksis, Ato Agustin was not a playing coach, so they were not given the opportunity to play with each other on court.

3. Chris Tan -(90's Sta. Lucia) - Norman Black - 
Former PBA import turned multi-awarded basketball head coach, Norman Black is not actually the biological father of Chris Tan who played for Sta. Lucia during the late 90's and early 2000's. Norman Black handled Sta. Lucia Realty as the team entered the list of Father and Son tandem of the PBA.

One of the greatest moments during Chris Tan and Norman Black was when the coach set-up his step-son for a memorable game winning shot in the final seconds of a game.

4. Billy Mamaril (2006-2015) - Romulo Mamaril (1987 - 1991)
The Mamaril father and son tandem of Romulo and Billy showcased how a son succeeded his father's footsteps playing in PBA's most popular team, the Ginebra franchise. Billy Mamaril is currently playing for Ginebra while his father Romulo played with Anejo which was later became Ginebra in the 80's.

Billy Mamaril and his father Romulo played in the PBA as two of the most reliable centers of the Ginebra franchise. The skinny Romulo Mamaril was best known for his blocking abilities during his prime, while his son the bulky Billy continued his father's legacy in the PBA.  

5. Paulo Hubalde (2006–2007 Ginebra) - Freddie Hubalde (1990 AƱejo Rhum 65ers)
During the Crispa golden years in the PBA, Freddie Hubalde is best known as one of the most prolific shooting guards in Asia's first professional basketball league, the PBA. His son Paulo Hubalde tried to break his father's record but failed to make a very good impression in the big league.

Paulo Hubale played with the Ginebra franchise in one season while his father, Freddie finished his career with Anejo in the 90's. Both Paulo and Freddie Hubalde played one season for the popular Ginebra franchise.

 6. Jason Webb (2000 Tanduay) - Freddie Webb (1976-1978 Tanduay Rhum Makers)
The older Webb, Freddie Webb is considered as one of the most popular PBA player during the early days of the leagues. He was famous because of his charisma particularly among the girl fans of his teams, aside from being an actor. Jason Webb on his part made a name for himself even before he joined the PBA.

Jason Webb played as one of the bigger but sneaky guards during his college days with La Salle. He also entered the league as the one of the first round picks despite the presence of big names draftees and played for Sta. Lucia. During the time of Jason Webb he struggled showcasing his skills because of the emergence of the Fil-Ams which were prioritize by teams and finally left his career and focused instead into coaching. Before being named as Purefoods Star Hotshots head coach, he was part of the Purefoods coaching staff while his father Freddie Webb is part of the PBA committee.  

7. Japeth Aguilar (2012-2015) - Peter Aguilar (1989-1990)
Peter Aguilar, the father of the high-flying Japeth Aguilar did not have a good career in the PBA because his team, Anjeo were already loaded with talented players in his position while Japeth Aguilar is one of the most impressive player of Ginebra this days. Japeth Aguilar also fulfilled his dream of playing with his father's team, the Ginebra franchise. Before becoming a member of the PBA's most popular team, Japeth also played with Talk 'N Text, and tried his luck also in the NBA D-League but failed to make it to the official line-up. 8. JunJun Cabatu (2008-2009 Ginebra) - Sonny Cabatu (1991-1995 Ginebra)
Sonny and his son JunJun Cabatu played in the PBA as centers in separate generations. The older Cabatu had a great career in the PBA for his defensive prowess and inside presence at the paint. He was also considered as one of the few PBA player known to be hard headed brawler. JunJun Cabatu on his part found it hard to get his own name in the PBA and continue his father's legacy as a defensive ace. The younger Cabatu played with Ginebra, the team of his father after being traded by Alaska. After one season in the PBA, he went out and played in the Asian Basketball League (ABL).

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